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Another Great Day

Today was awesome as well as yesterday. This year is starting off really well.
I can barely move, my feet really hurt, and my sun burn is killing me, but it was really great. Yesterday we cleaned up the courts in the morning and watched a movie. Then in the afternoon we played alittle tennis. Today, we did some strenuous warm-ups, and then played tennis. This afternoon we went swimming, b/c Grove said the thunder made it too dangerous to play. Hummmm...
So anyway, it was really great.
I am trying to get in the habit of updating more often so that I keep a good journal and such.
I should eb reading. I am such a slacker.
It is slowly hitting me the people that wil not be around this year, and that I really am at the top of the school ( as a senior). Like people on the tennis team, or foreign students that only came for a year. IT is kinda sad.
I am off to eat and then read, yeah right.
I hope everyone else is good as well.
I feel like I am definitely doing better at just being me this year. I have always felt like everyone else is so confident and knows who they are, while I am hiding from the world in my little shell. Well, I took a sledge hammer to my damn shell. HOpefully it will turn out well.
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