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Don't Read....Boring

So...the SAT is tomorrow...and I refuse to stress about it. This week pretty much sucked all around, with Monday making it slightly better, so I am not going to worry. It will only like determine my future, which doesn't look too bright right now anyway....ok. I'm bitching. Which is the other thing I have to say. I am so sick of all this high school shit and all the bitching about stuff that doesn't matter. I just don't care b/c i am not taht connected to most of the stuff happening and I will leave at the end of the year w/o wanting to be connected or make an impact. It is hard for me to understand.

I am also sick of all the talking about how close our class is. Apparently we all hang out and are all close and friends and shit.....maybe they don't even know I am in the class. THat is how it feels alot. I am not trying to complain, b/c I don't want to just start hanging out with ppl b/c we will graduate together when they never liked me before nad don't want to hang out with me. I just kinda feel like they are rubbing it in my face that I am not wanted in the group. Oh well.....I need to be focusing on the fact that my grades are sliping and I have college apps to fill out anyway.

So, i have to performe tomorrow night...and then I am going to work this weekend....and hopefully get two apps done. I know, I'm boring....this is probably why I don't get invited to parties. I will next year...or I will just go anyway. I am really looking forward to the fresh start of college...and the distance from my family. I will really miss my dad though.

So how is everyone else? Stressed? We should start a club.
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