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My Lack of a Life

I haven't updated in forever so I thought I would try to find something to say.
I hope everyone's summer is going well! Mine has been long and painful with alot of family time thus far. I have high hopes that it will get better soon though.
All I have been up to is watching movies and playing tennis, witha little swimming in the middle. I really need a life.
This weekend we are doing housework and going to my brother's baseball game. It shouldn't be too bad.
IT hasn't fully it me that I am a senior and that next year's graduation will be me walking across the stage. I know next year is going to be really hard for me, but I am hoping the excitement of getting out of that school will help me get through it. I have been looking forward to this for a long time.
Some "friends" of the family are visiting in the beinging of July, and I am dreading it. I never wanted to see these people when I lived near them, and now they will be in my house for five days. They, I am told, haven't changed, and I never liked them before. I know they are going to ask me alot of questions, and I am giong to have to lie. I hate lieing!
We were supposed to go out for breakfast this morning, but I am guessing that isn't going to happen now.Hmmmm..
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